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WB 07.12.20

Monday 7th December

Literacy Task - Film Review


My favourite Christmas Film is 'Elf'. Your task is to watch your favourite Christmas film and take some important notes. You will be using your notes for Tuesday's literacy task.


Math Task - Capacity


Follow the link above to visit BBC Bitesize. Complete the tasks and the quiz. Good luck! 


Afternoon task -Welsh Smoothie Stall 

Follow the link above and visit BBC Bitesize. Listen carefully to the language used then design your own smoothie. What ingredients have you used? Can you draw a picture and label the fruit you chose to put into your smoothie in Welsh?






Tuesday 8th December


Literacy task - Film Review Planner

Use this Film Review Sheet to help focus the notes you made whilst watching your favourite film. Complete each box, you will need this to create your film review tomorrow.




Math's Tasks

BBC Bitesize -Add by Making Ten

Use your knowledge of bonds to 10, addition and subtraction to complete the BBC Bitesize tasks.



Wednesday 9th December

Literacy task -Film Review


Write your fantastic film review. You can choose how you would like to format your work. You can use HWB -Just write or simply paper and pencil. Use the titles on your sheet to create a detailed review. Take a photo of your written work and email it to


Good Luck!



Math Task - Making Doubles

Follow the link above to complete the BBC Bitesize tasks.

Thursday 10th December/ Friday 11th December


Christmas Dinner Task



Christmas Dinner

Literacy and Math Tasks


Today we would like you to create a Christmas Dinner Menu. You will need to think about starters, main course and desert. It could be a traditional Christmas Dinner (Turkey) or something a bit exotic! The choice is yours. You will need to:

  • Create a 3 course meal menu.
  • Create a menu with choices. ( Vegetarian options)
  • Look online for prices for your food.
  • Add up the prices of your menu options.
  • Work out how much money your starter, main course and desert will cost.
  • Design a beautiful menu board with prices to match.


Good luck!

Wellbeing Tasks

If you have completed your tasks for the week you could:


Read a book on Bug Club

Complete a math game on Abacus Active Learn

Make something delicious for your lunch or a healthy snack and take a photograph.

Go to You Tube and copy the link address for a 'Cosmic Kids Yoga' session. Copy the link address in 'Video link' a child safe viewing platform for online video's.


Many Thanks and Stay Safe!