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Autumn Term 1

Welsh Language


All of the children have been looking at their faces in mirrors and painting self portraits for our 'Pwy wyt ti?' book. They are absolutely fantastic.

We use Welsh lots in our Nursery and each session the children will take it in turns to be our Helpwr heddiw, this is where we will learn lots of questions, answers, songs and greetings.

During our Helpwr Heddiw sessions we have been learning how to greet our friends using 'Bore Da' and 'Prynhawn Da' We have also been using lots of Welsh and makaton during our snack time. Some of our words are:

Dyma - Here

Ga I?- Can I have?

Llaeth - Milk

Dwr - Water

Afel- Apple

Banana- Banana

Oren- Orange

Melon- Melon

Cucumber- Cucumber

Diolch- Thank you

Pwy wyt ti? - Who are you?

Coch - Red

Melyn- Yellow




We are learning our numbers with the help from a brilliant learning tool called 'Ten Town'. It helps to make learning numbers fun, each number has a character, a story, song  and rhyme to help the children remember the formation. Last week we learnt all about 'King One'-  From his head to his toes

 'Tommy Two' From his hands to his knees then straight across please.

'Thelma Three'- Over one hand, over the next stop and think which choice is best?

'Freddie Four' Down and across ore in the water.

'Zero pond'- Start at the top, nice and slow all the way around and there you go.

'Fiona Five'-Down her back, around you go. Arms out straight, don't be slow.


Language and literacy


The children will be writing there names this week on sticky notes to go in our Pwy wyt ti book. We will be encouraging the children to position themselves at the writing table as they have been shown during pen pal sessions. We will be focusing on pencil grip and letter formation.



Physical Education


The children are beginning to take part in cosmic kids yoga on Fridays, all of the children have been practising taking their shoes and socks off and on independently. If you can help practise this at home as well we would be very grateful.


Thank you for your ongoing support.