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Week Beginning 15th January 2018

This Spring term we will be basing our activities around the topic 'Why don't snakes have legs?'  

 We will be exploring this question and others in this project about reptiles, their characteristics and habitats, such as how to care for reptiles, reptile patterns and camouflage, body parts and special features, food chains and how reptiles reproduce. 


This week we will focus our activities on snakes and will change the reptile each week. 

Our focus for Maths will look at 3 or 4 patterned snakes using beads and finger paint and for our literacy task we will ask the children to label (by writing) the parts of a snake. Within these areas there will be enhanced provision activities, including threading beads and writing their own fact books. 

There will be lots on offer for the children to explore during continuous provision, including, play dough, spaghetti, painting and paper chains in the creative area. There will be reptile books and I Pads for some children each week to research, print, cut and stick information about the chosen reptile in order for them to become 'experts' for the week and create a large poster for display. 

The children will also get to explore books, games like 'Snakes and Ladders' and use their fine motor skills to wrap wool around cardboard shaped snakes. 

Within our outdoor provision, the children can create log pile houses with the construction and small world and one of our role play houses will turn into a pet shop. 


We now have carpet inputs for the children during the school day, which we will continue. These include; Phonics Sessions, Clic (Maths) and Welsh. During the week, Music, I.T, Cookery and Gardening sessions will continue, along with P.E, library and reading.