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Week beginning 18/3/19

This week in math we have been looking at doubling. Our activities have included doubling the spots on the wings of a butterfly and writing the corresponding number sentence, completing a doubles table and doubling germs (which relates back to one of our science activities from last week).


In literacy we started the week by writing instructions about how to make a bubble snake. Having made them last week we started by listing the items required and then, using time ordering words, wrote step by step instructions about how to create and use it. 

Later in the week we started to think about adding illustrations to our poems that we had previously written to enhance them and make them more appealing to the reader. We began the process by using water colours to create a background wash. On top of this we then drew the animals that we had been writing about.


Our topic work this week has focused on comprehension activities. Some groups have been reading fact sheets about everyday heroes and then answering questions relating to the text, whilst other groups have been identifying and highlighting given words.


Through the enhanced provision the children have had the chance to write about their favourite experiment, complete fraction pizzas, make dog puppets, sort different shape dog biscuits with tweezers, write questions to the guide dogs and draw and write about which everyday hero they would like to be when they grow up.


On Wednesday this week we were very lucky to receive a visit from the guide dogs. A lovely lady came in to talk to the children about the work of guide dogs and show them pictures and items involved with the training and work of these fantastic everyday heroes. She brought one of the dogs with her, who was very well behaved and all the children listened with interest. Another successful visit - Da iawn blwyddyn 1!!