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Autumn Term 2

The children have settled in well after their half term break.


W/B 4th November

We have read the story 'Lemonade in Winter' to the children and they have designed their own persuasive posters to advertise it - apparently it tasted delicious! 


W/B 11th November

We will honour Remembrance Day by getting the children to make a collage of poppies. In literacy we will be getting the children to make a list of questions ready for our school trip and in maths we are looking at 'counting on'. Also this week the children will be completing a non-verbal assessment.

W/B 18th November

Following on from our trip to The Royal Mint, the children have been writing letters to another school to tell them all about it. We were really pleased with how much the children remembered and how much detail they added to their writing. In maths we have continued to work with money and have been investigating how to make different amounts with various coins. We have also been investigating items that float and sink and discovering that some things are magnetic and some are not. 


W/B 25th November

Our science investigation this week will be a tasty one! Pupils will answer the question "Is the most expensive chocolate the tastiest?" This is a very important question indeed! Pupils will be planning, predicting, collecting results and drawing conclusions. I am sure they will share their findings with you too! We will also be learning our Christmas songs and working on our production ready for 11th December.