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Week Beginning 16th January 2017

Week Beginning 16th January 2017



The children watched and listened to the story 'The Journey Home From Grandpa's. They were encouraged to think about what they would like to learn about linked to our Context for Learning - 'Are we there yet?' 

The children will reflect this week on their visit from the mechanics at Mercedes, and write letters to thank them for sharing their knowledge and providing a wonderful experience. We will talk about the features of letter writing and the children will each write a letter, address it and post it. 

This week the focus will be on cars, vans and helicopters. The Police are visiting the children at school, and bringing a van and a car for the children to explore. They may even be lucky enough to see a police helicopter flying overhead! Throughout the week the children will be offered a range of stimuli to provoke their thinking and learning about various forms of transport. They will be presented with a variety of ramps with different surfaces to conduct an investigation, and explore the concept of friction. In the Creative Area there will be a collection of real images for the children to use as points of reference when painting and creating models out of recyclable materials. In the Outdoor Learning Area, the children will have the opportunity to explore real car parts with real tools, use tyres in their play and continue to develop the 'Car/Bike Wash'. In the Maths Area the children will practise writing doubles, and practise addition using vehicles. 

 At the end of the week the children will bring their bikes/scooters to school. Further details will be sent via text message and or email.