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Breakfast Club


Currently, in line with our latest guidance, we are unable to run breakfast club in school. However we are hoping to re-open this club soon!


There are three different Breakfast Clubs in school - one for Nursery pupils, a paid club for Reception-Year 5, and a free club for Reception-Year 5.


The Nursery Breakfast Club is provided by Supertots. Please contact Clair Debrick on 07790 708103 or by email at for prices and booking enquiries.


The Breakfast Clubs for Reception-Year 5 are provided by the school. Paid Breakfast Club opens at 8am, doors close strictly at 8:10am. Free Breakfast Club opens at 8:30am, doors close strictly at 8:40am. Pupils must pre-book the Breakfast Clubs in advance by contacting the school office for a registration form.


For further information, please speak to a member of staff in the main office.

After School Club


The After School Club is provided by Supertots and is open to all pupils in our school. For prices and booking enquiries please contact Clair Debrick on 07790 708103 or by email at