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Reverse Advent!!!

 This year, we are going to try doing a Reverse Advent Calendar until the end of term.  The idea is that instead of opening a box or window and receiving a treat, we put a treat for someone else into a box!

We would be really pleased if on any day between December 1st and the last day of term on December 16th, people could pop into school and leave an item under the tree in the main foyer for the Cardiff Foodbank.  Every day we will photograph the collection so that you can see how much it grows and a picture will be posted here.  These can then be given to the Foodbank in time for Christmas.

I am certain that they will be extremely grateful for any non-perishable foodstuffs you can spare, but I know that they are particularly looking for:

  • Longlife Milk
  • Longlife Juice
  • Tins of anything except beans (they have loads of beans!)


I wonder how big the pile of donations will be!

Ms Dykes