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As today is Armistice Day, we have held a 2 minute silence at school.  The children have all been learning about the meaning and significance of poppies and why so many people wear them at this time of year and especially today and on Remembrance Sunday.


Some of the children have reflected on the people we might remember and why.


Ethan: "It helps to remember the people who died"


Abhinav: "We wear a poppy to help us remember"


Rocco: "It makes me sad"


Brooke: "We remember them so that if they die they will always be in our hearts"


Manna: "We realise that we need to remember them"


Eva: "When people die, they can be thought of in your families"


Beth: "We remember people who died"


William: "People who died in the wars"


Harry: "The people who died in the Navy"


Amelia: "People who died in the war"


Ellis: "It reminds me that people died in the war"


Rishaan: "The people died, it makes me sad"


Jack: "My granddad.  I've never seen him, but I think he helped win the war"


Jahnavi: "The people who died are in our hearts"


Olly: "We think about the Army Men"