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Things that are making Ms Dykes happy!

Today was a particularly happy day!  After the snow closure we were finally able to celebrate St. David's Day.  The children were brilliant.  They came to school dressed in beautiful costumes and were happy to spend time showing each other their craft and artwork as well as performing songs and recitation in front of one another.  Some were brave enough to perform all by themselves.

Mrs Bishop made the most beautiful St David's Day Lunch today and excelled herself once again with her pork and leek sausages, homemade gravy, bara brith and welsh cakes.  Just delicious.  Thank you to all our families for helping the children dress up for the day and with their stunning crafts,  to the teaching staff for supporting the children to learn all of the songs etc, to the governors for visiting during the day and joining in enthusiastically and of course to our lovely children for being our reason for everything we do! Special thanks to Miss England for organising everything so well and for making sure everyone had a lovely day.



The role play area outside Year 2 makes me smile and smile.  It's amazing what can be done with some tin foil...
The Calon room is making me incredibly happy!! This is where Mrs Alford lives and she does lots of lovely things with the children.  It is so beautiful that I think I need to put a photo here next week.